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No toys. Real guns with real bullets. For real men!

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Big boys just love big guns. Enjoy one of the most authentic activities out there! If you’ve tried it before you know just how awesome it is and if you haven’t, well, it’s about the time to change it! Pick your favourite gun, from the legends of warfare like AK-47, through classic shotguns to sniper rifles used by Special Forces – there is something for everyone! You can always rely on professional equipment and professional facilities regularly used by police and armed forces. Please note, Crazy Bullets is member of Experience Buddy Family, where you can check our different activities.

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Array ( [13] => Array ( [id] => 13 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Prague [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => prague [description] => The sheer amount of cliché nicknames clearly indicates that this city is something special. And we’re not looking only at the European landscape, this city rocks globally (perhaps even solar-systemly). The combination of eclectic night-life, architectural gems and medieval atmosphere is just second to none…plus there is THE beer! [img] => 5798d4996e085-prague.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 1 ) [3] => Array ( [id] => 3 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Bratislava [country] => Slovakia [slug] => bratislava [description] => Cozy and vibrant, the Slovak capital is home to some of the most beautiful ladies in the world and offers some of the best beers money can buy! You can be absolutely sure that your stay in Bratislava will come for a great price. Also it has that sort of X factor that when you just don't know what is going to happen next, so if you're a true adventurer, this is the place for you! [img] => 5798d41dd0b25-bratislava.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 2 ) [14] => Array ( [id] => 14 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Budapest [country] => Hungary [slug] => budapest [description] => One of the most charming cities in Europe, Budapest has been formed in 19th century by the union of Buda on the right bank of the river Danube with Pest on the left side of the river. The city boasts with great architecture concentrated mainly around the river Danube, but it is also an incredible party destination! From great night clubs to world famous ruin pubs - there won’t be a single second of boredom during your Budapest trip! [img] => 581c62bccf198-budapest.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 3 ) [15] => Array ( [id] => 15 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Brno [country] => Czech Republic [slug] => brno [description] => A new destination on the European touristic landscape, Brno is quickly emerging as one of the most popular student destinations in Europe. This young vibrant city has all it takes to make for an unforgettable trip to Eastern Europe – great beer, great prices and amazing ladies! Plus for those who are interested in history and sightseeing, there is plenty to admire as well. No matter what your motivation for a trip to Brno is, you will not have any regrets! [img] => 5798d430667df-brno.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 4 ) [12] => Array ( [id] => 12 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Berlin [country] => Germany [slug] => berlin [description] => Definition of cool. That’s simply Berlin, globally recognized as one of the most amazing cities on the planet. This love nest of culture and style offers incredible variety of options to entertain you, be it the nightlife, the stunning architecture or Berlin’s very own hedonist life-style (which is very infectious!). Let yourself immerge into Berlin’s unique and lively atmosphere and enjoy one of the most memorable weekends of your life! [img] => 581c627108481-berlin.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 5 ) [18] => Array ( [id] => 18 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Gdansk [country] => Poland [slug] => gdansk [description] => Beautiful coast and a charming old town, Gdansk is one of the most important Polish ports on the Baltic Sea. Port of Gdansk has been benefiting from a vivid sea-trade for centuries and the exposure to different cultures has made it a very diverse and colorful city. Perhaps that’s the reason behind the vibrant night life which is considered the best in the country! [img] => 583e990ebbc46-gdansk.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 9 ) [19] => Array ( [id] => 19 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Poznan [country] => Poland [slug] => poznan [description] => One of the Poland’s major centers of commerce, Poznan has emerged as one of the most interesting travel destinations for visitors seeking a city break. You won’t know how cool it is before you actually get there and find out that this is the city that never sleeps! The pubs routinely open at 11 PM at night and generally stay open until the last customer leaves. That’s the spirit! [img] => 583e991d4eb2e-poznan.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 10 ) [20] => Array ( [id] => 20 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Warsaw [country] => Poland [slug] => warsaw [description] => The only EU city with a natural reserve, that’s how special Warsaw is! But there many other features that make the Polish capital unique. For instance, the first ever official library in the world was open in Warsaw in 1747. This incredible fusion of contemporary and past makes Warsaw one of the must see destinations when traveling the Eastern Europe! [img] => 583e992a42c4c-warsaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 11 ) [21] => Array ( [id] => 21 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Wroclaw [country] => Poland [slug] => wroclaw [description] => The Venice of the North, as Wroclaw is often taunted, features some of the most amazing riverside views from the local pubs and restaurants. Wroclaw’s incredible history is perfectly documented in the fact it has been part of several different countries. Originally German, it has also been part of Austria and Czech Republic, only to become the largest city in Western Poland. [img] => 583e993c6a9e7-wroclaw.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 12 ) [22] => Array ( [id] => 22 [id_activity] => 1 [title] => Sofia [country] => Bulgaria [slug] => sofia [description] => Bulgaria’s capital is one of the most colorful and architecturally diverse cities of Europe. Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and Bulgarians inhabited the land of the contemporary Sofia and they all left behind their own monuments, enriching the city’s cultural landscape. Sofia offers unique atmosphere, but unlike many other European capitals, it’s very very price-friendly! [img] => 581c63715f647-sofia.jpg [active] => 1 [order] => 13 ) )

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